Bulk Purchase

How To Place A Wholesale Order.

Wholesale order means buying a product in bulk to stock in your place for retail or online sales. In order to be eligible for bulk purchase you need to order a minimum of 50 units of single/multiple items & a Maximum of 500 units.

Here are the general steps:

1. Find a product;

2. Get in touch with our customer service agent

> To know the availability of the product you selected

3. Add the number of quantity you wish to order and add to cart.

> A special Price & code will be given to you by our agent to be used at checkout.


For specific steps:

1. Find a product. You can search the product by category, product name or SKU.

2. Create an order.

a. If you're going to order one item, please edit the quantity and click "Buy Now". Then, you can edit the shipping address.

b. If you are going to order multiple products, create your own Purchase List using add to 'MY WISHLIST' to add different products. Then, please confirm the products and quantity and submit the order to our customer service agent for cross-verification.

Step 1: Create your purchase list in cart one by one or adding them to your wishlist.

Step 2: Edit the shipping address and pay.

If the destination is one of the EU countries, you need to submit your IOSS information to declare. The declaration can be set up in advance by submitting the information to us via E-mail. 

With any uncertainties, please Contact Us for help.