eCommerce Global Production at Travel Freak GST

Welcome to the largest collection of cross-border ecommerce resources for & from businesses selling through B2C and sales channels brought to you by the TFGST .


Our Story 

The Very Beginning of Travel Freak 

Travel Freak is established by Gaurav Siddham Tewari and his team in 2020. Through successful management, we launched our platform TFGST. As of today, we are the most professional and leading Travel Merchandise supply chain company Online.



Building Global Warehouses

We now have warehouses in China, USA, Germany, Thailand and Indonesia. We have been cooperating with warehouses in Britain, Australia, France and so forth.
You can buy any products you want and our warehouses dispatch them immediately to your location, no matter where you are on this earth. (We will be starting delivery to Mars in the near future "little humor doesn't hurt.. HEHE").


Making Your Dreams To Reach Your Destinations Easy

You focus on Travelling, while we focus on supplying services and products you deserve during your trips to make your life more adventurous and comfortable. Our team never stops working for providing you with all the latest products. We want to save your time and money and help you remain competitive of in today's travelling in this fierce world ( 1.4 billion international arrivals per year across the globe). Hence, Your satisfaction is our top priority.



Offering Professional and Excellent Customer Services

We are a team of dedicated professionals and would love to help you as much as possible and deeply care for you. So, we are always available to you. Think of us for your destination planning and we will provide you with the perfect products for your travels. Our customer service is available 24/7 at E-mail or Chat with us using the live chat section available on the website bottom right corner