Neck Massager Head Relax Muscle Vibration

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  • Simple design is fashionable and convenient, with simplicity as the staing point, skillfully integrates fashion and technology, and is not afraid of subtle viewing from every angle.
  • 6 massage modes, 9 levels of strength, choose the strength you want.Magnetic suction power supply efficient and convenient, magnetic suction interface power supply design more comfoable, efficient and convenient.
  • Using international mature medical tens technology to aeve muscle soothing effect.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the long-time work of lowering head and looking at the mobile phone, so that the cervical spine is in a state of passive stretng for a long time, resulting in excessive tension of the cervical muscles and poor blood circulation. Over time, it will cause conic muscle strain and cervical spine deformation. In serious cases, it will affect the blood supply of the brain, resulting in dizziness, headache, disc herniation and other problems


Product packaging: 20*20* 7.5cm
Net weight: 340 g
Applicable parts: neck
Massage contacts: 3 PCS
Function: electromagnetic pulse massage
Cleaning method: wipe
Power supply: USB

Package Content :

Electric Neck Massager *1